Louis Vuitton has produced a plethora of different bag collections. From more extravagant monogram design bags to more reserved full-color bags. There is not a woman on Earth who will not find a bag by Louis Vuitton which does not satisfy all her desires. Any bag chosen will enhance women's style, attractiveness, and confidence. Louis Vuitton bags are really something special. No other brand makes such bags which are full of character, let alone that many different ones. Finally, choosing a bag made by Louis Vuitton is like getting a new best friend. They are durable for years to come and you are ensured to go through a lot of adventures together! Here is a list of how to choose a correct bag.

Top 5 Useful Tips on Choosing Louis Vuitton Bag

1. Weight Before buying a bag, it is important to understand how heavy of a bag you can carry around. Some Louis Vuitton bags are light, some are on a heavier side. Getting a bag which is heavier than your comfort zone will result in a bad experience.

2. Zippers Consider if you want zippers or another way of closing your bag. Zippers are among the most practical options, but there are some others, like buttons and magnets to consider.

3. Versatility Think about what kind of things are you going to carry in your bag. Buying a bag which is suited for all-around use will prove to be a great choice if you want to buy only one bag for the time being.

4. Comfort Bags are carried for hours on end, so consider whether a certain bag will be easy to carry. Remember, that you are going to use it for hours every day, and for years to come. Select the bag with a handle which seems to be comfortable.

5. Design Finally, buy a bag with the design that you like. There is nothing more empowering for a woman to carry a bag which she is in love with.

Replicas are Better Than the Real Thing

When buying a Louis Vuitton bag, you do not have to spend astronomical amounts of money. These days there are replicas which are so close to the real thing, that even bag makers themselves have a hard time differentiating them. Replicas are worth to get because they offer almost the same quality as original products but comes only at a fraction of the cost.